Welcome to my online portfolio. I am a professional concept artist currently producing concept art in both the video games and film industries.

My influences come from both the western and eastern side of the globe, such as the old Warner-Bros animated cartoons, that have heavily
inspired my style, and also the japanese artwork that used to appear on video game merchandise in the late eighties/ early nineties.
Hopefully over the duration of this site, you should also see some more realistic artwork, as I attempt to evolve my style towards a more
film orientated goal as well.

I currently have over 6 years experience in the video games industry, working with well-known intellectual property from companies such as
SEGA, Vivendi-Universal, SONY and 20th Century Fox, (including a few I'm not allowed to reveal yet ;)...) as well as a degree in
Digital Animation, so feel free to browse through the gallery to see my contributions to those projects.

Also feel free to contact me for any further information, including timescales and costings for the typical work I produce, or any
comments/feedback regarding the site or the artwork presented.


Keith Webb